AC Full
Feature List

'AdultCentro (AC) is the evolution of leased content plugins, providing full administrative control of the content and design of your plugin.

A plethora of features such as 1000s of DVDs featuring straight & gay content in multiple niches, speeds, formats and languages is the reason our product will bring the plugin dinosaurs of the industry to extinction!'
AC Full Feature List
Run Your Site on the Go!

Run Your Site
on the Go!

Use AdultCentro Publisher Mobile to run your store wherever you go.
Control Your Site on Every Step

Control Your Site
on Every Step

You have the option of controlling the content you want to publish.
Your Own Adult Site!

Your Own
Adult Site!

We have contracted 10,000+ DVD titles, and are continuously expanding our library.
Design Customization
AdultCentro makes the process of design customization a breeze. We offer 10+ ready-to-use templates that were created by AdultDesign.com´s award-winning team of  professional designers. You also have the option of modifying the color scheme of each template, as well as the template design in greater detail if desired. Uploading your logo, header and background gives the site your own identity and the selection of content for publishing from AdultCentro´s massive collection of 10,000+ titles puts you in control of a huge wealth of content for a low monthly outlay.

  • Multiple Ready Skins for DVD, SCENE, REALITY, TUBE, MOBILE Sites
  • Custom White Labels to Match Your Look & Feel
  • 20+ Language Interface Translation
  • Mobile Ready, including iPhone/iTouch & iPad

Technology Integration
AdultCentro has a powerful API with the help of which you can acquire practically any type of information about the content from your feed site, which makes the possibilities of integrating our service into your site endless.

We have custom, easily modifiable scripts for working with API, which can be implemented on your main site with the help of a visual installer and which open up various possibilities. For instance, this script can create a search, and can help with sorting and downloading videos without redirecting the user to the feed.

  • Various integration options, advanced API
  • Full Stand-Alone Site Option with NATS Integration & Your Billing
  • Deep Linking to Titles or Scenes & Galleries

Hosting Platform
AdultCentro is a hosted solution, so you never have to be concerned about installing, patches, backups, security updates, and all the other issues self-hosted solutions bring.

We use 30+ servers to serve millions of users without server overloads.

To deliver content to customers we use a CDN network that includes local POPs on four continents; North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our POP locations include Los Angeles, San Jose, Ashburn VA, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Full User Control
With a stand-alone site option powered by AdultCentro you remain in complete control of user data. Using our API you can add or remove user´s access based on your own hosted front-end and biller, or you can have both the front-end and members area hosted and run on the AdultCentro platform.

You can even specify member´s daily download limits or prompt them to upgrade to a differently priced membership, allowing you to increase revenues from existing users and control your monthly content spending. NATS/MPA3 integration and self-billing options are available for you to run a fully operational paysite business with an affiliate program.

Integrated Billing
CentroBill's fully integrated billing solution = More time and less headache for you Manage ALL elements of your website, including your transactions, in one place.

  • Easy to integrate automated billing options set-up for your paysite
  • Access to real-time detailed billing stats via your AdultCentro Publisher interface
  • Fully compatible with NATS and other paysite management solutions
  • Exclusively for German market! Sofort and EuroDebit 100% secure and efficent payments handling

Full Content Library & Control
'1000s of DVDs & HD Videos of Straight/Gay Content in Multiple Niches

We have contracted 10,000+ DVD titles with our studio partners, and are continuously expanding our library and plan to reach 10,000 encoded and published titles within 6 months. You can see the full DVD count' here. We are committed to publishing a minimum of 10 new titles per day.

'Multiple Formats of Streaming & Download

AC offers a wide verity of formats and speeds to accommodate the widest range of users, and improves your retention by keeping your members satisfied. These formats include WMV, MPG, FLASH, iPhone 3G & Wifi, iPod & PSP. Streaming flash video allows the user to skip to the specific part he/she is interested in viewing, saving you bandwidth and costs while increasing user satisfaction.'

  • Choose Content That Gets Published to Your Site or Feed
  • Thousands of DVDs Available to Plug in in via DVD and Scene Based Methods
  • Gay & Straight Content in Multiple Niches

Mobile Optimization
'As per recent reports, the mobile adult market is estimated to have doubled in revenue over the past few years. Capitalize on this boom by running a mobile site with AdultCentro´s skins and mobile-optimized content. We offer skins fully optimized for all of the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, Google Android, Palm Pre, etc.

And with AdultCentro´s iPad-optimized white label web app, the 10,000+ DVDs on our platform can now be conveniently enjoyed using the iPad, providing your members with the ultimate porn experience and you with a vibrant new revenue stream.'

Pricing & Monetization
'Flexible Per Gig Billing - Pay Only for What You Use, Starting @ 99c/Gig!

Multiple Options for Further Monetization'
  • Camcentro - Automated Cam Plugin Solution
  • Re-marketing System (coming soon)
  • Limited Trial & Upgrades
  • Member Bandwidth Control & Limitation

Admin Interface
  • Advanced crmistics & Dashboard
  • Automated Invoice & Payment Management

AdultContent Cloud
AdultContent provides customers with the ability to create sites on the AdultContent Cloud and publish their content, as well as our content, to the cloud:

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Build a Huge Network from One Content Pool
  • Global Access for All Members
  • Various Billing Options
  • Direct Billing (Epoch, CCbill and others)
and many more!