New Features

Our team is continuously working on adding new features, improving existing functionality and bringing brand new products to the AdultCentro platform. Subscribe to our news feed to stay up-to-date.

All of our clients' feedback is highly appreciated. We take all your ideas and suggestions very seriously, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for helping us to improve AdultCentro!

Newly Added

Customize Your Sites Even More

Our automated site creator now allows you to customize your sites to an even greater degree with less effort. When you create a Full Paysite from one of our 10+ editable templates, your site layout will be adjusted to match the main niche of the content you select... Read more

Accounts Protection

We have released password sharing and leak protection functionality designed to protect clients' users' accounts by monitoring unusual behavior like log-ins from multiple IP addresses Read more

Site clone feature

Cloning sites will allow our clients to have several sites with the same settings on different domains. Read more

What's been keeping us busy...

Ad Management for Stand-Alone Sites

Enhancing our site creator functionality, we're working on an ad management interface for all stand alone sites. 10+ fully editable site templates will soon have a wide variety of pre-made spaces for banners and the functionality to upload and change banners within the site settings in the clients' admin panel.

New Single Account

Due to numerous client requests, we're uniting client, producer and affiliate functionality in a new single dashboard. Create sites, add your content to the AC library and promote AdultCentro whether you are registered as a client, producer or affiliate.

Client interface for AdultContent Cloud

The new interface for the AdultContent Cloud will enable you to upload your content semi-automatically, view detailed crmus reports on content processing, manage all of your item availability in the AC library and receive comprehensive crmistics on traffic/revenue.