Build Equity

As a tube site webmaster, you are looking to create equity from your user-base, and of course improve monetization methods. Instead of outsourcing the pay portion of your business, you can now create your own premium members area offering using your own domain name & billing, and remain in control of your user´s data, thereby ensuring that your users are re-marketed and up-sold based on your preferences as aggressively as or as mellow as you want.

Improve Conversions

You can display "related premium content" right alongside your own videos, based on tag matching to improve conversions. Other options, such as displaying a join form in a video player, are also available.

User Data Control

By staying in control of your member data, you create equity in the brand name that you own, which will not diminish due to problems 3rd party sponsors may have related to their billing practices or any other reasons. This is a recurring revenue base that you control and own, and thus can sell on the open market at any time.

Monetize Better

All monetization options available to Paysite Webmasters will be available to you as well including 1click up-sells, cross sells, cam and product up-sells, etc.

Integrated Billing

With CentroBill, AdultCentro's integrated billing solution, you are in full control of the revenues you get from joins, upgrades and rebills. It is easy to use, requires little setup, and provides detailed stats and management tools using the same interface you use for managing your AC Publisher based paysite.

Suggested Implementation options:

Custom Feed

Use the Custom Feed implementation type to generate related premium content.

Content API

Alternatively import content using Content API, if you already have a CMS to power your paysite.

Full Paysite

Use the Full Paysite implementation type to create a Premium.YourDomain.com members area with your own billing, own design, and custom published content (optional).


Suggested Default Skins: