As a paysite webmaster, there are multiple ways for you
to use AC.

  • Improve Trial

    Use AC as a tool to improve trial conversions by offering bonus access, with optional limits, for specific formats, or download options to be available only to full members.
  • Improve Trial

    An obvious way is to utilize our library to extend your membership offering. You can plug in the entire library of 10,000+ titles, or just a matching niche in your members area to improve retention.
  • Improve

    Alternatively you can improve your sales by offering your visitors a ´bonus site access´ when they join your website, i.e. a ´two for one deal´, thus enticing visitors to join, and improve your conversions.
  • Deter

    Use AC as a cancellation deterrent by offering user bonus access to AC powered site, or section in your members area as a bonus for extending membership.
  • Monetize

    Alternately, you can up-sell a full standalone site with one-click* or cross-sell an AC powered website on your join page, thus increasing your revenues.
  • Integrated

    Use the integrated AdultCentro billing solution, CentroBill, to build complete and robust paysites. With your content management and billing stats in one place, you can spend less time cross referencing and more time monetizing.

Suggested Implementation options:

  • Pre-Made Feed

    'Use the Pre-Made Feed implementation type to link to multiple pre-made niche feeds in an industry 'standard' accepted way, which has been around since 2000.'
  • Inline Feed

    Use the Inline Feed implementation and have AC content be displayed and played right inside your members area, without the user realizing that he/she is watching 3rd party content.
  • Full Paysite

    Use the Full Paysite implementation type to create a full stand alone bonus site offer.
  • Content API

    You can import all content & metadata using Content API, if you have a development staff, and operate a custom CMS.

Suggested Default Skins: