Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use your service?
I have signed up but don't know how to create a site.
How do I set up the feeds in my members areas?
What is Adultcentro.com?
I am a producer. How do I create a website in your system?
I'm prompted to verify my credit card in the CRM. Does that mean I need to pay you to get started?
Do you start billing me once I am registered?
When are payments for my feeds due and what are my payment options?
How do I cancel my feeds?
How will I be invoiced?
Can you bill my credit card automatically each month for my content account?
Do you have a demo of your product?
Can I use my own layout instead of your default layout?
Can I use my own domain for the site? How do I set up the site with my own domain?
How can I get paid by my customers if I have a stand-alone site?
Am I obligated to lease your feeds for a minimum time period?
When I add funds to my account, will an invoice automatically be created for the amount?
How can I be assured that your billing is discreet?
Can I host the content?
I don't like predefined skins. Can I ask for a custom skin?
How do I keep other webmasters from directing their members to my URLs at my expense?
Are all your feeds 2257 compliant?
Can I set up mobile sites in your system?
Do you have tech support?
How does Branding work?
How frequently is AdultCentro content updated?
How can I retrieve my password if I forgot it?
Whom is AdultCentro.com run by?
Can I pick and choose from all the feeds?
How is your content encoded? And what bitrates?
I am using your "Cloud" system. Can I upload my own content?
I have stand-alone website with clients base over 1000 clients, how can I effectiely transfer this base to you if I am switching my site onto your platform?