How it Works

Free Member
I will get laid!
I will get laid and they
will also give me access
to a video section!
Paid Member
Month 1
Can I get laid?
I was not laid
this month, but I have
video access!
Paid Member
Month 2
I can't get laid… I'm outta here..
Still no luck getting
laid. I can survive
on video.
Paid Member
Month 3
Can anyone get laid on this
site? I don't care as I still have
access to the video section!
Increase Free to Paid Member Conversion
The addition of an adult video section will make visitors feel that they are getting access to a high value product and will be more inclined to pay the price of the membership. As most consumers of adult dating services also possess memberships on adult video sites, combining the two creates a killer package making it senseless for a user to have 2 memberships instead of 1. It's a win-win for everyone as your paid member’s life will become more exciting through activity on your website and you will make more money on it.
Improve Paid Members Retention
Availability of a video section on a dating website provides an additional source of entertainment for every paid member. With access to over 100,000 videos and daily updates, your users will remain busy and paying for months regardless of their success in finding a date. Make your dating portal a one stop shop for endless pleasure for your users. They will never cancel as they will always get value from their membership.
Create New Revenue Stream
The ability to place ADs and upsells inside the video section opens up exciting opportunities to improve profitability of your business. Once your users get accustomed to all of their adult services in a single place, you can give them even more by providing additional upsells to premium video packages. These include content from top industry brands, additional quantities of content, HD quality content or exclusive niche content. Expensive or cheap packages tailored to fit your users will make it easy to sell additional services. At the same time, low level integration will allow to use the same billing methods that are already used on your website, which will build even more trust between your users and your brand.
Decrease Cancellation rate
AdultCentro can help you decrease your cancellation rate! This is done by creating a Paysite on the AdultCentro Publisher platform that can be marketed separately from your main product or in addition to it as a cross sale. The offer to get a free membership on a paysite with a HUGE video library of over 100,000 videos is something that no user can turn down. Integrate this offer into your cancellation workflow and see a considerable reduction in cancellations monthly.