Integrated Billing Solution Available via CentroBill for AdultCentro Publisher Powered Sites

If you are running a paysite on the AdultCentro Publisher platform not only are you capable of integrating processors such as Epoch, CCBill, Zombaio (and many others) to bill your customers, you now have the ability to process directly and almost immediately with seamlessly integrated billing service solution, CentroBill.

CentroBill’s integrated billing solution essentially automates the set-up of the billing capabilities of your paysite while offering real-time detailed stats in a single interface.
This billing solution is also compatible with various affiliate systems and allows you to set up with NATS, as well as others, to work both with ACP and CentroBill.
For the German market, integrating the CentroBill solution offers cutting-edge secure payments handling through Sofort and EuroDebit.
Save Time and Enhance Customer Satisfaction!
Now, everything from creating websites to issuing monthly payouts, is simplified as CentroBill as your processing backbone offers a virtually automated paysite lifecycle. Whether your users are creating (or upgrading) website subscriptions, requesting billing support or canceling accounts, CentroBill handles the task automatically, with zero manual effort on your part - just let CentroBill know where to send your earnings.
The easy-to-use self-service interface makes it fast and easy to configure and edit join options making your billing policy more flexible while detailed real-time stats show clients a response just exactly when you need it. The end result? Less overhead, higher revenue, and more satisfied customers.