Full Features List:
Fully-Automated Billing
    Integrated billing automates the complete customer lifecycle, including:
  • Order taking, using an intuitive registration process
  • Provisioning the customer’s account, applying appropriate limits and access rights through subscription plans
  • Payment acceptance — one-time and recurring
  • Processing of upgrades from trial to full membership
  • Complete CRM details on each customer, with comprehensive reporting tools
  • Ability to import customers from existing NATS account
  • + Plus an intuitive end-user interface lets customers self-manage their accounts, reducing your support burden.

The initial configuration process is streamlined, so now all you have to do is fill in your join options in the CentroBill form while creating/editing a full paysite and you can be up and running. A CentroBill representative will contact you by mail to sign the contract and discuss any additional services you may need.

Simple Billing and Invoicing
    CentroBill completely automates billing and invoicing, with support for different membership types (e.g., trial payments, upgrades, recurring payments for subscriptions, etc) It also supports:
  • One-time and recurring billing
  • Credit card payments
  • Off-site payment processors, such as SafeKlick and ClickandBuy
  • Bank transfers by Sofort and EuroDebit
  • Auto-Suspend and Re-Enable
Fraud Prevention
CentroBill integrated billing comes with built-in fraud protection. An online system checks customers’ credit history and generates fraud reports which are reviewed by our qualified team of analytics statiticians.