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About Us

AdultCentro (AC) is an evolutionary leased content platform for the adult industry, providing full administrative control and high earning potential for both site owners and producers.

AdultCentro's suite of features, such as 10,000+ DVDs featuring straight, gay & shemale content in multiple niches, speeds, formats and languages is the reason our product will bring the plugin dinosaurs of the industry to extinction!

For the first time in history, our customers are able to take advantage of a 100% full stand-alone plugin members area. AC allows you to retain complete control of your members, content and billing without the capital outlay of 3 million dollars to obtain the content, hardware, software, design, and hosting required to operate the size and type of sites that AC powers. Webmasters can create or enhance multiple sites in minutes with flexible per-gig billing, starting at $99/month.

For content owners and studios, regardless of size, AC is the best way to optimize their own earnings by leasing content to the largest network of paysites and feeds.

Easy content uploads, fast processing, one-click adding to the AC content pool along with the ability to easily create multiple branded sites with exclusively published content - these are some of the benefits no producer would want to miss out on.

Here is a brief description of just some of the features that we offer:

Our Awards

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  • When I was looking to add bonus content to my sites, the conditions were simple: High quality, quick integration and dedicated support. Adult Centro delivered on all. It took just two business days from the decision to being live in all member areas -- 12,000 DVDs in less than 48 hours!
  • When we decided to use Adult Centro as the supplier of our members only area and fill it up with exciting stuff we were confident that they will do a great job. After a few months, we're pleased to announce that they have been wonderful and have blown us away with their services.
    HDKiller of hardsextube.com
  • Would I recommend Adult Centro? Absolutely! We have been using their content delivery platform for almost a year now and things are going great! Our members love having access to their massive video library. HD to Hentai, they have it all. My team and I have worked very closely with the Adult Centro Tech and Support crew. They are a top notch team - extremely knowledgeable, professional and always very courteous. Implementing and utilizing their arsenal of content tools couldn't be any easier. Subscription retentions are up and we are extremely pleased. We look forward to a long fruitful relationship with Adult Centro. If you haven't given them a try yet, please do - you will not be disappointed.
    Scott Delatush, Head of Operations from Sexkey.com
  • We absolutely love AdultCentro! Their cms and content delivery gives our members a top notch user experience on virtually all popular platforms and coupled with their A+ tech support team it makes for a winning combination! Thanks AC!
  • We put a lot of trust and faith in Adult Centro when they offered to serve as the backbone of our members area content offerings. I'm happy to report that after three months they have not only met, but exceeded our expectations.
    Todd of badoinkcash.com
  • Adultcentro - is definitely a conceptual step forward in the adult-industry, at the same time still having exciting potential for growth and development. xHamster is grateful to Adultcentro team for productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • AdultCentro was our best decision when we started with our paysite. With their huge archive or videos and top templating system, our rebills went much higher than before. We even got responses from our members that they decided to join because of offering a huge DVD section as a bonus. So, thank you AdultCentro for this great product!
    Zoran of purecashmasters.com


10000+ DVDs & HD Videos of Gay/Straight/Shemale Content in Multiple Niches

AdultCentro has contracted 10,000+ DVD and 50,000+ full scene titles with our studio partners. We continuously expand our video library, which is comprised of DVDs & HD videos of straight/gay/shemale content in every niche imaginable. We are committed to publishing a minimum of 10 new titles per day to maximize your user retention.

Cloud Content Storage

The AdultContent Cloud service allows the upload of content for further leasing among all sites and feeds powered by AC or for sole use on your own sites. Processed by our team professionals, your content will be available in various formats and qualities. You always have full control over your materials along with detailed, absolutely transparent crmistics.

Full Plugin Site Control

AC has multiple skins available in DVD archive, tube & reality styles. Custom white labels for web and mobile sites are also available for our customers. Our stand-alone site option allows you to edit the design of your site and retain 100% control over its look and feel. You can select a default language from 20+ Language Interface Translations, or choose to have all languages available to your users.

Multiple Formats of Streaming Download

AC offers a wide variety of formats and speeds to accommodate the widest range of users, and improves your retention by keeping your members satisfied. These formats include WMV, MPG, FLASH, iPhone 3G & Wifi & iPod. Streaming flash video allows the user to skip to the specific part he/she is interested in viewing, saving you bandwidth and costs while increasing user satisfaction.

Full User Control

With a stand-alone site option you remain in complete command of user data. You control the billing to the back-end powered by AdultCentro. Using our API you can add/remove users´ access based on your own hosted front end and biller, or you can have both the front and members area hosted and run on the AC platform. You can even specify members´ daily download limits, prompt them to upgrade to a differently priced membership allowing you to increase revenues from existing users, and control your monthly content spending. NATS/MPA3 Integration & Self-Billing options are available for you to run a fully operational paysite business with an affiliate program.

Integrated Billing

Our integrated billing solution allows you to set up processing directly through your AdultCentro Publisher account. Offering seamless integration, easy set-up, accessible monitoring and control and a NO WAIT activation period, this is all done through the same admin interface you use for your AC Publisher based websites. Now, everything starting from a user join, upgrades, billing support or even cancellations is simplified and accessible in a single AC Publisher interface. Get an automated, updated paysite lifecycle, full access to statistics and payment options control.